Art For You - Nancy Brockett

The Bond Between Art and Spirituality

The spiritual dimension is common to human life. Inspiration, dreams, beliefs, "up & out", connection to something beyond oneself ... all are aspects of what we call "spirit".

Art often is inspirational in that it can take us to places beyond the "here and now", can give shape to dreams and beliefs, can express emotions, and taps into imagination. And creating pieces of art takes a person into the realm of spirit and soul.

Nancy Brockett employs her experience with art and spirituality in both her artwork and her counseling.

"Each piece of my art is a prayer,” Nancy states, “in the sense that as I paint I am present to God and receptive to connection with Sacred Presence. My paintings develop in an organic process that often feels like co-creation, and as I continue to interact with a piece, more of its meaning unfolds."

In Soul Support Counseling she makes use of imagination, metaphor and drawing to help people access inner wisdom for healing. Nancy offers classes in using art to foster growing a soul.

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Nancy McClure Brockett creates original works of contemporary expressionist art, a blend of representational art and 'mystery,' including bold paintings, oil paintings, gestural paintings, spiritual paintings, and non-objective paintings. In addition to her larger pieces, Nancy designs customized handpainted greeting cards for all occasions. These greeting cards feature different pieces of original artwork that capture the occasion through expression and communicate a heart-felt and spiritual message. Each card is a mini-piece of art that is suitable for framing. Through commissioned work, 'Especially4u' fine art cards, and customized greeting card texts, you can enjoy Nancy's Art4U. The Art4U store offers for sale her original paintings, museum quality prints, handpainted and printed greeting cards. A self-taught visual artist, Nancy Brockett has exhibited her expressionist art in five solo shows and numerous juried art exhibitions in Connecticut. Her work has been featured in the Hartford Courant, by the Greater New Britain Arts Alliance and the Downtown District of New Britain, CT. Her art hangs both in national and international private collections. Nancy is an active member of Art League of New Britain, Greater New Britain Arts Alliance, and New Haven Paint and Clay Club.