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Nancy McClure Brockett creates original works of contemporary expressionist art, which are a blend of representational art and 'mystery.' These include bold paintings, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, gestural paintings, spiritual paintings, non-objective paintings, as well as realistic paintings from photographs.

Nancy says, "When beginning a piece, I sit with the empty canvas, board or paper and allow an unfolding step-by-step flow from one aspect to the next. Sometimes as I wait I 'see' color and shape, which I then draw. Sometimes I 'recognize' a shape or subject matter from the spontaneous placement of color on the surface."

Even when using reference photographs, Brockett combines elements of the "unfolding" dynamic with her ability to accurately reproduce form. What often results is a blending of realism and surrealism.

In her earliest work Brockett employed a unique technique of applying watercolor crayons on paper to produce the intense colors that characterize her work. 

 "In order to get the rich texture, I use watercolor pencils (dry) to smooth and move the crayon laid down on the watercolor paper, creating a painted effect. I enjoy the physical process that involves using short rubbing motions to produce the texture. In some pieces I use water to create another texture. 

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